Our Projects

Autumn 2023


Our first step into the world of rocketry. Daedalus was about reinventing ourselves as engineers by exploring the design, manufacturing and flying of model rockets. Successfully launched and recovered a D-class motor to 500 m.

Winter 2023


Furthering our rocketry skills by venturing into reusable, mid-power motors and carbon fibre composites. Gemini II comes with the added goal of breaking the sound barrier while flying over 1 mile high.

Spring 2024


A single launch of the Vulcanite rocket kit using a H-class motor to achieve Level 1 certification.


Using the same airframe as Hermes, we launch a J-class motor to achieve Level 2 certification status.

Summer 2024


Development of our own custom build hybrid rocket engine powered by paraffin and nitrous oxide. Odyssey will feature multiple flights with target altitudes of 1.5 km, 5 km and 10 km following a rigorous testing regime.