Sponsorship coordinator

Position Overview  

As sponsorship coordinator you will be fostering and maintaining relationships with our current sponsors while actively seeking securing new partnerships to support our ambitious projects and goals as well as keeping finances in order. We are seeking a dedicated and proactive sponsorship and financial relations coordinator to join our esteemed team.


  • Sponsorship Development – Identify, pursue, and secure new sponsorship opportunities aligned with the team’s objectives and financial needs.
  • Relationship Management – Nurture and enhance relationships with existing sponsors, ensuring consistent communication and a strong rapport.
  • Proposal Creation – Develop compelling sponsorship proposals, emphasizing the mutual benefits of partnership and aligning with sponsors’ objectives.
  • Budget Oversight – Collaborate with team leads to strategize and manage financial resources effectively, ensuring alignment with project goals.
  • Financial Reporting – Compile and present comprehensive reports detailing sponsorship contributions and financial status.

Useful Skills

  • Communication Skills – Excellent verbal and written communication skills for effective interaction with sponsors and team members.
  • Negotiation Abilities – Strong negotiation skills to secure beneficial partnerships and sponsorship deals.
  • Organizational Proficiency – Ability to manage multiple tasks, deadlines, and relationships simultaneously.
  • Resourcefulness – Proactive in seeking out new sponsorship opportunities and creative in proposing mutually beneficial partnerships.