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we are hiring

Northern Ireland’s biggest rocketry team is only getting bigger! We have positions available across a wide variety of roles and are taking on students regardless of degree or stage. Find a listing that fits you below and get your applications in now. 

Systems Engineer

As a systems engineer, you will be responsible for the predevelopment of our rockets, defining system requirements and managing dependencies between subsystems.

Sponsorship Coordinator

As sponsorship coordinator you will be fostering and maintaining relationships with our current sponsors while actively seeking securing new partnerships to support our ambitious projects and goals as well as keeping finances in order.

Recovery Engineer

As a recovery engineer you will be responsible for the survival of the rockets QPL launch. The systems you design and the analysis you do will make sure that the rockets can be safely recovered without damage to the rocket or surroundings.

Propulsion Engineer

As a propulsion engineer you will play an integral part in the concepts, design and construction of the rocket engines QPL are developing. We are in the process of developing a hybrid rocket engine and need people who show initiative, learn quickly, and bring sound ideas.

Media Officer

As a media officer, you will play a crucial role in the creation and dissemination of multimedia material for QPL. The media you create will be the face for QPL and determine how people view and engage with the team.

Avionics Engineer

As an avionics engineer you will be responsible for specifying, designing, and testing electrical, telemetry, communications, and control systems which are the brains of every rocket QPL produces.

Why Join QPL

  • Learning Opportunities – The chance to gain hands-on experience in whatever department you join, from looking after sponsorship and finances to media and events or rocket science all within a dynamic, supportive team environment.
  • Impactful Work – Contribute to ground-breaking projects in the field of aerospace engineering.
  • Networking – Build relationships with your peers, industry professionals and expand your network in the aerospace sector. (We have already had communication with companies such as Skyrora, Thales Alenia Space and Spirit AeroSystems.)

Join us at QPL and be part of a passionate team driving innovation in student rocketry while honing your skills for the future!